Successful participation in numerous competitions domestically as well as abroad

Workshops and training students for the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kunst und Medien NRW, Germany

Teaching courses on fabric techniques: Surface design through melting,

Christiane Breuer creates textile reliefs from a variety of materials such as cotton, paper, scrim, silk, sheer fabric, packaging material, and foil. In addition, she utilizes worn textiles representing traces of life. These are then dyed, painted, and distressed. The different layers are combined by hand and free machine embroidery.

Heat changes and structural deformations

Fragile fabric meets heat - spontaneously and coincidentally

Exposing the inner

Creating reliefs - pleats, gaps and crevisses -


Textile Treasures

Dr. Christiane Breuer


Born in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Biochemist

Married, two children

Experienced in mixed media art since 1987

layering and distressing,

free machine embroidery,

transfer foils and metals,

machine embellishing